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cities near Nashville

Cities Near Nashville TN | 🗺️ Cities & Towns with Populations, Distances, Information, Data & Map

Last Updated on: 27th July 2023, 03:04 am

When you think of Nashville, TN, you think of the live music, vibrant nightlife, and delicious food. However, Tennessee is more than just its lively capital city. Nashville is located in the seat of Davidson County. As of the 2020 census, the Davidson County population was 715,884, making it the second most populous county in Tennessee. This means that there are cities around Nashville and Nashville suburbs surrounding the area. These cities close to Nashville are perfect for when you want to visit and stay outside the city, or even if you’re looking to move to the general area. So, when it comes to living in cities near Nashville, TN, where should you go, and how do you know what’s the right fit for you?

Largest Cities Near Nashville, TN

Nashville is Tennessee’s largest city with 689,447 people as of 2020. If you’re looking for another large city that isn’t Nashville, a few surrounding cities of Nashville are worth considering. 

While some of these cities we’re about to mention may be some of the larger cities near Nashville, TN, these cities may not be as populated as some of the major cities in Tennessee. For example, Memphis is the second largest city in Tennessee. However, Memphis is about 212 miles away from Nashville, making it not one of the largest cities near Nashville.

Here we break down the largest towns and cities close to Nashville within 50 miles. 

Clarksville – 48.6 Miles from Nashville

Clarksville, TN is the fifth largest city in Tennessee, with about 166,722 people as of 2020. It has a density of about 1,756 square miles in about 98.80 square miles. 

Clarksville is located in northern Tennessee and is known for its ornate, Victorian building from 1898 that is home to The Customs House Museum. It also features a vast Dunbar Cave complex that dates back thousands of years and has many sinkholes. Visitors and residents can enjoy the McGregor Park Riverwalk along the Cumberland River, with a history that is traced at the River Flows Museum.

Murfreesboro – 34.1 Miles from Nashville

Murfreesboro is the 6th largest city in Tennessee, with a population of 152,769 as of 2020. The city has a density of 2,618 square miles and a 61.71 square mile area. 

History buffs will love visiting this city, as Murfreesboro is known for its American Civil War history. It is here you’ll find Stones River National Battlefield, which also is placed next to Stones River Cemetery. At this cemetery, over 6,000 Union soldiers are buried. For more history, visit the restored Oaklands Mansion. This mansion is a former plantation house that now consists of an arboretum and gardens. While in Murfreesboro, visit the Cannonsburgh Village, which has regional history from the 1830s to the 1930s. 

Franklin – 21.5 Miles from Nashville

Franklin is just south of Nashville, and also is the 7th largest city in the state with 83,454 residents as of 2020. The city has a density of 2,108 square miles and a 41.58 square mile area. 

It is another history-driven city, as it was a key site of the American Civil War. In Franklin, you’ll see the Carter House and Carnton Plantation with a confederate cemetery; two properties of the 1864 Battle of Franklin. Franklin also features the 1858 Lotz House, which homes a large collection of 19th-century furniture. 

When not checking out a museum, you can enjoy Franklin’s Downtown’s Main Street. It consists of tons of galleries, antique shops, and restored Victorian buildings.

Hendersonville – 18.4 Miles from Nashville

Hendersonville is the 10th largest city in Tennessee, but it ranks as the largest city in Sumner County, which is on Old Hickory Lake. Hendersonville is also ranked the fourth-largest city in the Nashville metropolitan area after Nashville, Murfreesboro, and Franklin.

There are currently 61,753 people (as of 2020) in Hendersonville and it has a density of 2,033 square miles and a 31.39 square mile area. Hendersonville is also known for its apple orchards and wineries, all while having a historic and exciting downtown. It’s also been home to some celebrities, such as singer-songwriter Kelly Clarkson.

Learn more about moving to or living in Hendersonville here.

Smyrna –  23.8 Miles from Nashville

In Rutherford County, you’ll find Tennessee’s 13th largest city. Smyrna has the latest population of 53,070 residents as of 2020 in a 1,837 square mile density and 30.31 square mile area.  

In 2007, U.S. News & World Report named the city of Smyrna one of the best places to retire in the United States to retire, so if this is your target demographic, this may be one of the safest cities near Nashville, TN. 

Smyrna also has a long history of military aviation that started in World War II. Today, the city has the Stewart Air Force base and also hosts the famous Tennessee Air Show. Visiting Smyrna’s Downtown will show you an old town center and lots of older architecture, as it’s an 1880s old town-style depot.

Spring Hill –  36.4 Miles from Nashville

Finally, coming in as Tennesee’s 14th largest city is Spring Hill. Spring Hill is a city in both Maury and Williamson counties, south of Nashville, recognized as one of Nashville’s metropolitan areas. The city is recognized by the U.S Census Bureau as the fourth fastest growing city in Tennessee. 

Spring Hill currently has a population of 50,005 residents as of 2020 in a 2,023 square mile density and 26.79 square mile area.  Although a city, Spring Hill offers a suburban feel, so you could classify it as one of the best suburbs of Nashville. You will enjoy plenty of parks and meet an array of families and young professionals. 

Other Cities in Nashville

Maybe you don’t want to live in a bigger city, and that’s okay! The good news is that the Nashville area is full of different types of cities and suburbs, so now it’s all about finding a place that fits you the best. A place that fits your needs, whether you’re visiting or moving, coming in single or with a family. You may want a city or town near Nashville that is smaller than the city feel, but big enough where you can stop at a local grocery store that’s down the street. This is where this list comes in.

We’ve compiled a list of other cities near Nashville with a population of under 50,000, but no smaller than 20,000. All of these cities close to Nashville are also still within a 50-mile parameter. This way, you get the feel of smaller cities or towns near Nashville but are close enough to the capital if you ever want to stop in for the day or need to commute there. 

There are 6 cities and towns near Nashville 50 miles or less with a population from 20,000 to 50,000. 

Towns & Cities Near Nashville

County Population (2020) Distance from Nashville (miles)
Gallatin Sumner 44,431 30.6
Brentwood Williamson 45,373 10.4
Columbia Maury 41,690 45.9
Mount Juliet Wilson 39,289 19.6
Lebanon Wilson 38,431 31.4
La Vergne Rutherford 38,719 19.6


Brentwood is a great suburb near Nashville because it’s been ranked one of the safest cities. In return, this is a great place for families, especially with children. 

Map of Cities Near Nashville and Surrounding Area

Small Cities & Towns Near Nashville, TN

Don’t worry, Tennessee isn’t just all large cities and towns. There are towns near Nashville that are much smaller. This is perfect for those who are coming from a bigger city and want to move to a smaller town, or for those who’ve always enjoyed the small-town life and don’t want to change that. The point is, that you need to know what your small-town options are. 

We’ve compiled a list of other cities near Nashville with a population of under 20,000 to 5,000, this way you can get an idea of what types of cities and towns near Nashville work best for your needs. These will also all be within a 50-mile parameter, so you can again get the small-town life but still have the option to drive into Nashville when you desire. 

Towns & Cities Near Nashville

County Population (2020) Distance from Nashville (miles)
Springfield  Robertson 18,782 29.6
Goodlettsville Davidson, Sumner  17,789 14.9
Dickson Dickson 16,058 42.1
Nolensville Williamson 13,829 21.6
White House Robertson, Sumner 12,982 27.6
Portland Robertson, Sumner 13,156 40.7
Hartsville Trousdale 11,615 49.1
Fairview Williamson 9,357 32.7
Thompson’s Station Williamson 7,485 31.2
Greenbrier Robertson 6,898 24.6
Green Hill Wilson 6,518 18.3
Millersville Roberston, Sumner 6,299 17.8
Ashland City Cheatham 5,193 23.3
Forest Hills Davidson 5,038 10.3


Major Cities Near Nashville

Nashville is the largest city in the state and has the largest metropolitan area in the state. Nashville spans over thirteen counties– Cannon, Cheatham, Davidson, Dickson, Hickman, Macon, Robertson, Rutherford, Smith, Sumner, Trousdale, Williamson, and Wilson.

The nearest cities to Nashville are either part of the metro area or a bit further away, when we’re talking about major cities. Here are the major cities close to Nashville, TN in the Mideast. These major cities are defined by a super large population, and some of these will expand between 200 to nearly 500 miles from Nashville. Most of them are close enough for a day trip, weekend getaway, or long weekend! 

Major Cities Near Nashville, Tennessee 


Population as of 2020 Distance from Nashville, TN
Bowling Green, KY 71,628 65.9 miles
Jackson, MI 68,205 129 miles
Signal Mountain, TN 8,852 141 miles
Chattanooga, TN 181,099 134 miles
Louisville, KY 618,733 176 miles
Knoxville, TN 190,740 180 miles
Memphis, TN 633,104 212 miles
Atlanta, GA 497,642 250 miles
Cincinnati, OH 302,687 273 miles
Mongomery, AL 199,054 280 miles
Jonhson City 71,046 284 miles
Indianapolis, IN 869,387 289 miles
St. Louis, MO 304,709 309 miles
Jackson, MI 163,778 415 miles
Chicago, IL 2.699 billion  441 miles


Nashville Area Cities FAQs

What is the closest city to Nashville?

When looking at the map, there are a lot of very close cities to Nashville. However, Berry Hill is the closest at only 4 miles away. 

What major cities are near Nashville?

If we’re looking at the major cities adjacent to Nashville, some might be a little further away, which you can turn into all-day trips or weekend adventures. Bowling Green, Kentucky is the closest major city near Nashville, at only 65.9 miles. Then comes Jackson, MI.

What towns in Nashville and what cities are in Nashville? 

The metropolitan area of Nashville consists of quite a good amount of Nashville suburbs. Here is a list:

  • Nashville
  • Oak Hill
  • Franklin 
  • Hendersonville
  • Dickson
  • Belle Meade
  • Forrest Hills
  • Charlotte
  • Mount Juliet
  • Smyrna
  • South Carthage 
  • Nolensville
  • La Vergne
  • Thompson’s Station
  • Brentwood
  • Murfreesboro
  • Columbia
  • White House
  • Ridge Top
  • Berry Hill
  • Ashland City
  • Gallatin
  • Lebanon
  • Goodlettsville
  • Spring Hill
  • Greenbrier

The Nashville, TN metro area offers a hustling and bustling community. This state capital is also the largest city, but so much of the surrounding area offers a balanced mix between suburbs and city life. Whether you’re a new resident or multi-time visitor, you’ll be sure to love the area’s rich history and exciting lifestyle. When it’s time for you to make that move to the Nashville area, make sure you hire a moving company that you can trust. Nashville movers will be sure to get your belongings to your desired Tennessee location, making your move to the Nashville area a breeze!



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