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Clarksville TN Crime Rate 👮| Is Clarksville TN Safe?

Last Updated on: 17th November 2023, 03:05 am

Clarksville is a lively city in northern Tennessee and is the county seat of Montgomery County. Clarksville is known for its bustling college campus, beautiful rivers and trails, and trendy arts scene. Because of all of these amazing features, it is no surprise that the population of Clarksville has grown nearly 25% since 2010!

If you are considering moving to Clarksville, then you will want to better understand the Clarksville TN crime rate. Is Clarksville TN a safe place to live? What is the crime rate in Clarksville? This is everything you need to know about crime in Clarksville TN.

Understanding the Clarksville Crime Rate – How Crime Rates Are Calculated

To better understand the Clarksville crime rate, it is essential to understand how crime rates are calculated in the first place. Crime rates are reported by the FBI and are based on information collected by local law enforcement agencies. To get the final numbers, the FBI takes the total number of crimes committed in a given area and divides that number by the total population of the area. To make the rates easier to compare to other cities, the numbers are then multiplied by 100,000 and reported as “X crimes per 100,000 people.”

Crime rates are helpful for getting a general idea of crime in an area, but there are many faults when it comes to relying solely on crime rates. First of all, not all crimes are reported to the police, causing a lower crime rate in many areas. Crimes such as sexual assault and domestic violence often go unreported, which can result in misleading numbers.

Also, it is important to put crime statistics in context. Although a high crime rate may be startling, it is oftentimes much lower compared to historic rates. Although the homicide rate climbed from 5 to 6.2 per 100,000 in 2020, that is still 40% lower than the peak homicide rate in the 1980s and 1990s, according to CNN.

Finally, data reporting is voluntary, and law enforcement agencies are not required to submit their crime data to the FBI. This can make certain areas appear safer when, in reality, they just have failed to provide data to the FBI. Overall, crime rates can give you a useful starting point to compare crime in different cities, but these numbers should be taken with a grain of salt.

What Is the Clarksville TN Crime Rate?

Here’s a breakdown of the Clarksville TN crime rate as well as how it compares to the state and national average.

Clarksville Tennessee Crime Rate:

  • Overall crime: 2,853 crimes per 100,000 people (9.9% lower than the state average and 21.6% higher than the national average)
  • Property crime: 2,243 crimes per 100,000 people (10.0% lower than the state average and 14.5% higher than the national average)
  • Violent crime: 610 crimes per 100,000 people (9.3% lower than the state average and 57.3% higher than the national average)

Based on the numbers above, you can see that the crime rate in Clarksville TN is lower than the Tennessee crime rate and higher than the national crime rate. Clarksville is one of the safest places to live in Tennessee and has a much lower crime rate than many other cities in the state, such as Nashville (51% higher than the state average), and Memphis (144% higher than the state average). According to Clarksville Now, the crime rate in Clarksville Tennessee has steadily dropped over the past five years, despite the growing population.

Clarksville TN Crime Map & Crime Reports

One of the best ways to get a good picture of crime in Clarksville Tennessee is to take a look at a Clarksville crime map. The Clarksville TN crime map below shows where crime is concentrated in the city. The darker colors represent high-crime areas, while the lighter colors represent areas where crime is uncommon.

Most of the Clarksville Tennessee crime is concentrated in Central Clarksville, which is where the city’s downtown area is located. Downtown areas naturally have a bit more crime due to high traffic and increased nightlife activity. Most of the residential areas outside of downtown are very safe and see little to no crime at all.

You can also keep up with live Clarksville crime reports by checking out the CrimeMapping website. On this website, you can track Clarksville TN police reports as they come in and take a look at crimes as they happen in real time.

Violent Crime in Clarksville

Here’s a look at the Clarksville TN crime statistics for violent crime. 

  • Clarksville TN murders: 9 per 100,000 people (6.3% lower than the state average and 37.5% higher than the national average.
  • Clarksville violent crime rate: 610 crimes per 100,000 people (9.3% lower than the state average and 57.3% higher than the national average)
  • Chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime in Clarksville: 1 in 164

Although the Clarksville violent crime rate is higher than the national average, it is steadily declining. The number of aggravated assaults in Clarksville has gone down by over 100 since 2020. The police department also has many programs in place to prevent violent crime, such as Domestic Violence Victim Assistant and Crime Stoppers. The police also work around the clock to keep firearms off of the street and to prevent any Clarksville shootings from happening.

Property Crime in Clarksville

Here are the Clarksville crime statistics for property crime in the city.

  • Clarksville property crime rate: 2,243 crimes per 100,000 people (10.0% lower than the state average and 14.5% higher than the national average)
  • Total property crimes (2020): 3,615
  • Chance of becoming a victim of property crime in Clarksville: 1 in 45

Again, the Clarksville property crime rate is lower than the crime rate in Tennessee, but higher than the crime rate in the United States. In a statement to Clarksville Now, Police Chief David Crockarell says that property crime is on a downward trend, but it could be better. In 2022, the CPD responded to over 660 vehicle burglaries and 466 stolen vehicles. A majority of these crimes happen due to unlocked vehicles or vehicles where the key fob was left inside the vehicle. To keep property crime trending downward, it is important to ensure that your vehicle is locked at all times and to keep valuable belongings with you or out of plain sight.

Areas to Avoid in Clarksville

While there are not many dangerous areas of Clarksville, there are a few areas you may want to avoid if you can. The small town of New Providence is one of the most high crime areas of Clarksville. Most of the drug-related and violent crimes in the city take place in this area.

The area around Tiny Town Road in North Clarksville is also known for its high level of crime. There is a high level of gang activity in this area, as well as higher levels of gun violence.

While Downtown Clarksville is generally safe during the day, you will want to take extra caution when visiting the area at night due to increased nightlife activity. Stay aware of your surroundings and walk in groups if possible.

Safest Neighborhoods in Clarksville TN

There are many safe Clarksville neighborhoods for you and your family to settle down in. If you want to be close to Downtown Clarksville, then check out the neighborhood of Savannah. This subdivision contains beautiful homes ranging anywhere from $300,000 to $900,000. When living in this neighborhood, you are only 10 miles away from Downtown Clarksville, so you can enjoy easy access to everything the city has to offer without being in the center of all the action.

Another one of the safest neighborhoods in Clarksville TN is Ashland Hills. This affordable neighborhood is close to many parks and outdoor activities and within walking distance of the Immaculate Conception School, which is one of the most highly-rated private schools in Tennessee.

A few of the other safest places to live in Clarksville include Centerstone Circle, Saint Bethlehem, and Liberty Park. You can also check out our blog post on the best neighborhoods in Clarksville for more information.

Campus Crime & Safety

Clarksville is home to Austin Peay State University, which has an enrollment of just over 10,000 students. If you are a student or live around the campus, it is important to take the proper precautions to avoid becoming a victim of crime.

According to the Leaf Chronicle, the Austin Peay State University campus crime rate dropped from 200 in 2018 to under 100 in 2021. Drug violations had the highest number each year, accounting for 46.2% of the crimes. Theft accounted for 20.6% of the crimes, while assault accounted for 14.4%.

To combat crime, the Austin Peay University Police Department has many crime prevention programs in place, such as substance abuse, identity theft, date rape prevention, and violence in the workplace. They also offer a security escort service if you ever feel unsafe walking around the area.

You can access the daily Austin Peay State University crime reports on the department’s website.

You can contact the Austin Peay State University Campus Security 24/7 at 931-221-7786. You can also visit them in person at the Shasteen Building, located at 601 Hannum St, Clarksville, TN 37040.

Clarksville Police Department

The Clarksville Police Department was established in 1794 with only a few officers on the force. Today, the CPD has over 300 sworn personnel and is divided into three patrol districts, each with its own Criminal Investigations Units and district precincts. The force is led by Police Chief David Crockarell.

Clarksville police reports are public information and can be obtained from the Records Division.

Clarksville Police Department, 135 Commerce St, Clarksville, TN 37040, 931-648-0656

Clarksville TN Crime Rate FAQ

Is Clarksville TN Safe?

Clarksville TN is a safe place to live. Crime in Clarksville has been on a downward trend over the past five years.

What Is the Crime Rate in Clarksville Tennessee?

The overall Clarksville TN crime rate is 2,853 crimes per 100,000 people, which is 9.9% lower than the state average and 21.6% higher than the national average.

What Is the Clarksville Murder Rate?

In 2020, there were 15 murders in Clarksville TN. The Clarksville murder rate is 6.3% lower than the state average and 37.5% higher than the national average.

So, is Clarksville TN safe? Clarksville is a safe place to live as the crime rate continues to decrease. When you are ready to relocate, allow 6th Man Movers to help you. We are the best movers in Clarksville and will make your relocation smooth and worry-free. Give us a call today at 615-434-8272.


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