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Moving to Portland Tennessee? | Here's What to Know About Living in Portland TN

Moving to Portland Tennessee? 🏡 | Here’s What to Know About Living in Portland TN

Last Updated on: 9th January 2024, 06:48 am

Portland, TN (originally Richland, TN) is a Sumner and Robertson County city. There is no definite answer to why the city is named Portland, but there is speculation it’s named after an old Kentucky city that Louisville absorbed. There is also speculation that L&N Railroads suggested the name change.

Portland boasts a rich history; It was established in the 1840s, and its earliest settlers were the James Gwin family in 1792-–by the late 1800s, Portland had a tobacco factory, mill, post office, retail stores, and a Louisville and Nashville Railroad depot! In 1887, a second Richland, TN, was established, so to lessen the confusion of visitors, railroad officials, and post office personnel, Richland was renamed Portland. Portland, TN, was incorporated as a city in 1904.

Portland, TN, has always been known for its rich soil; however, instead of Tobacco, strawberries are the new beloved crop of this agriculture-dominant city.

Is Portland TN a Good Place to Live?

Living in Portland, TN, is great—you’re not too far from Nashville, you can participate in the annual strawberry festival, and be a part of a tight-knit community! If moving to Portland, Tennessee, has sparked your interest, we have lots of helpful information below!

Where Is Portland?

Portland, TN, is located in Sumner and Robertson County in Middle Tennessee; Portland’s far north end buds up to Kentucky, and Mitchellville, New Deal, Rock Bridge, and Graball border the city. It’s 39.3 miles from Portland, TN, to Nashville, TN.

Portland Population & Demographics

The city of Portland, TN, boasts diverse demographics! The median age is 33.3 years old, and 74% of people living in Portland are under the age of 74. The sex ratio is 50 males to 50 females, with just as many married Portland residents as single residents.

Additional Portland demographics:

  • Portland median household income: $59,407 (US $69,021)
  • Portland population: 13,156 (2.7% increase since 2010)
  • Portland educational attainment: 84.7% have high school diplomas and
  • Portland foreign-born population: 4.7%
  • Portland veteran population: 9%
  • Portland racial and ethnic composition: 91.2% White (86.9% non-Hispanic or Latino), 9.1% Hispanic or Latino, 1.6% two or more races, 2.1% Black or African American, 0.2% Asian, 0.2% American Indian or Alaska Native

Of the 13,156 people living in Portland, 18.6% recently relocated here. 61% of people are homeowners, and 39% choose to rent. Portland has the 7th lowest median income in Sumner and Roberston counties, the fifth largest in Sumner County, and the third largest in Robertson County. The population of Portland is rising, and for good reason—it’s a great place to live, start a career, raise a family, or all of the above!

Is Portland Safe?

Here is an in-depth look at the crime rate in Portland and how this city compares to its state and country averages.

According to the FBI, the Portland crime rate is 2,196 per 100k people, which is 30.6% lower than the state (3,166 per 100k people) and 6.4% lower than the country (2,346 per 100k people.)

Additional crime rate statistics:

  • Portland, TN violent crime rate per 100k people: 492
  • Tennessee violent crime rate per 100k people: 673
  • US violent crime rate per 100k people: 388


  • Portland, TN property crime rate per 100k people: 1,704
  • Tennessee violent crime rate per 100k people: 2,493
  • US violent crime rate per 100k people: 1,958

Portland, Tennessee, has a lower crime rate than its state and the nation—talk about a safe place to live! If something does happen, the Portland Police Department and its 32 sworn offices are just a phone call away.

Cost of Living in Portland

Portland, TN, has a cost of living index of 103.3, making living in Portland 3.3% more expensive than the average US city. Given its attributes and cost of living index, many consider Portland an affordable place to live! 

Unlike other cities near Nashville, Portland has affordable real estate; the cost of housing index here is 79.1%, which is a whopping 20.9% below the US average. The average home price in Portland is $311,000, and the average price per square foot is $233. These low prices result in a somewhat competitive housing market; there were 100 homes for sale in Portland, TN, last month, and 22 sold. If you see any Portland homes for sale that you love, we suggest acting fast!

The rental market here is also affordable! The average rent in Portland for a one-bedroom rental is $1,035, which is quite reasonable when compared to surrounding areas. Nashville’s average monthly rent is $1,809 for an 882-square-foot rental, and you can expect to pay $1,660 in Knoxville for a 982-square-foot rental.

Typical living expenses in Portland, TN*:

  • Inexpensive restaurant meal: $20.00
  • Gallon of milk: $4.20
  • Pound of local cheese: $6.97
  • Dozen eggs: $4.47
  • Pound of white rice: $2.50
  • Pound of apples: $2.76
  • Average Portland, TN utilities per month: $268 (per Doxo)

Source: Numbeo.

*The above figures are for Nashville, meaning prices in Portland may differ slightly.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, for a family of four to live comfortably in Sumner County, they should earn a median household income of $82,487. The EPI also projects a family of four to spend $13,489 on housing and $15,510 on healthcare annually.

Portland Weather & Climate

The weather in Portland, TN, is typical of Middle Tennessee. Portland has a Koppen climate classification of Humid Subtropical (Cfa); the winters are cold and wet, and the summers are hot and humid. Temperatures rarely go above 94 degrees Fahrenheit or below 13 degrees Fahrenheit.

The average annual rainfall here is 51 inches, and the average annual snowfall is 4.8 inches. The average UV index is 0.3% above the US average, and you can expect about 206 sunny days a year! Portland, Tennessee, has a terrific climate and normal weather patterns, making it the ideal place to live.

The best time to visit Portland, TN, is from late May to late June and from late July to late September! You can enjoy all the warm weather activities or get a taste of fall in northern Tennessee.

Things to Do in Portland

If you’re looking for things to do in Portland, TN, we have an ultimate field guide below! But before you start your fun-filled day, note that the Food Lion and Occasions are great shopping options; Food Lion is ideal for groceries and other essentials, whereas Occasions is a notable gift shop.

Sumner Crest Winery

Sumner Crest Winery is a notable Portland, TN winery boasting many activities. You can enjoy a group or couples tasting—it’s whatever fits your agenda best! Sumner Crest Winery is one of the best things to do in Portland!

5306 S Old Hwy 52, Portland, TN 37148, (615) 325-4086

Cold Spring’s School

Cold Springs School is a historical landmark in Portland; the building has served as a Civil War hospital, local schoolhouse, private home, farm building–and now–a museum.

301 Portland Blvd, Portland, TN 37148, (615) 351-0719

Richland Park Soccer & Baseball Fields

Richland Park is one of the best parks in Portland! This recreational complex has a playground, hiking paths, biking trails, and soccer and baseball fields. This is a great kid-friendly activity in Portland, TN.

Portland, TN 37148, (615) 325-6464

Additional Attractions in And Near Portland

The Portland Parks and Recreation Department maintains the parks in Portland, TN. The city often hosts notable events, like the Middle Tennessee Strawberry Festival (or Portland Strawberry Festival); you can keep track of all the city’s events with the special events calendar.

Portland Restaurants | Places to Eat in Portland TN

Portland, TN, is known for its abundance of Strawberries; many restaurants curate dishes utilizing these locally harvested berries. Here are some of the best restaurants in Portland, TN!


Miles Coffee House is a beloved java joint in Portland, Tennessee. Here, you can order anything from cold brew to ice lattes. Their food items consist of artisan omelets, sandwiches, and pastries.

125 Main St, Portland, TN 37148, (615) 992-7036

Barbeque Pit

BBQ Pit is one of the best restaurants in Portland. Indulge in smoked brisket and sweet pulled pork at this Portland, TN staple.

608 N Broadway, Portland, TN 37148, (615) 323-7878

5 Chefs

5 Chefs in Portland, TN, is a popular restaurant dishing out handcrafted sandwiches, soups, salads, and desserts.

103 W McGlothlin St, Portland, TN 37148, (615) 325-9508

Portland Jobs

Moving to Portland comes with an array of benefits, and its blossoming economy is one of them! Portland, TN, has an unemployment rate that’s 1.7% below the US average and is projected to see a 51.4% job market increase by 2033. Although Portland’s sales tax rate is 2% above the US average, its income tax rate is 4.6% below the US average.

There are countless jobs in Portland in varying industries, so job hunting shouldn’t give you any trouble! The city’s economy employs over 6,000 people; leading industries are manufacturing, retail trade, and construction. The top Portland employers are North American Stamping Group, Kirby Building Systems, and FWE Food Warming Equipment.

People working in utilities, information, and arts and entertainment earn the highest salaries. Government jobs are also a great option—city of Portland jobs offer competitive pay and a comprehensive benefits package.

Here’s an in-depth look at what the average person living in Portland earns:

Popular jobs in Portland, TN, and their average salaries: 

Job Title Average Annual Income
Operations Manager $59,959
Product Supervisor $71,832
Production Manager, Manufacturing $82,999

You can expect a strong economy in Portland, TN, and plenty of career advancement opportunities.

Portland Schools

Before moving to Portland, here’s what its schools have to offer! Portland, TN, is part of the Sumner County Schools school district. Of the 54 schools in the district, there are five schools in Portland—-Portland High School, Portland East Middle School, Portland West Middle School, Portland Gateview Elementary School, and Middle Technical College High School at Portland.

The student-to-teacher ratio in Sumner County schools is 15:1, which is below the state average of 16:1.  And 99.5% of the teachers are certified! Sumner County boasts a high school graduation rate of 94.5%, whereas the statewide rate is only 89.8%. The district has 50 full-time counselors, ensuring students always have a trusted adult to talk to or confide in. The Portland, TN Library is another great place to find educational assistance. They provide free internet and computer access and host various weekly events. If you’re interested in group readings, joining a book club, or participating in a crafting class, visit the Portland Public Library!

Portland, Tennessee, is an education hub. There are countless notable grade schools, and it’s located near great colleges like Welch College and Bethel University, which are both within 50 miles of the city.

Portland TN Statistic & Information

  • County: Sumner and Robertson Counties
  • Portland area: 14.82 square miles
  • Portland zip code: 37148
  • Portland area code: 615
  • Portland elevation 801 feet
  • Portland time zone: Central Standard Time (GMT-6)
  • Closest airport to Portland: Nashville International Airport is 44 miles from Portland, TN

Portland TN Map

Explore more things to do with this map of Portland!

As you can see, the city of Portland, TN is a great place to live! If moving to Portland has sparked your interest, you’ll need reliable movers in Portland Tennessee, to help get you there! Contact 6th Man Movers at 615-434-8272 for a free relocation estimate.



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