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Nashville Dog Parks, 7 Top Dog Parks in Nashville [Indoor, Off-Leash, + More]

Nashville Dog Parks | 🐩 7 Best Dog Parks in Nashville [Fenced, Off-Leash, + More]

Last Updated on: 2nd July 2024, 12:45 am

Don’t forget about Nashville dog parks! If you’re a dog owner moving to Nashville, you need to find a location near at least one top Nashville dog park. A Nashville dog park gives your dog a safe place where they can run around and socialize with other dogs. It also lets you get exercise with your pet and keep in shape in a safe, beautiful environment.

But not all dog parks are equal. Some have walking trails, dog exercise areas, and playgrounds, while others have all-purpose fields. Other parks are more suitable for small dogs or large dogs, while others cater to small and large dogs.

Do your research, find a list of different Nashville dog parks, and compare your options together. Here are the six best dog parks in Nashville.

Two Rivers Dog Park | Largest Nashville Dog Park

Two men and their dog at Two Rivers Dog Park

Two Rivers Dog Park is one of the largest dog parks in Nashville, covering roughly seven acres. The pet park has a quaint and rural atmosphere, with wooden fences forming the perimeter and trees casting ample shade. You and your dog can explore gazebos, pavilions with picnic tables, and landscaped areas with stones. These landscapes make Two Rivers one of the top dog parks in Nashville TN for scenic walks.

Two Rivers Dog Park is one part of Two Rivers Park, a historic park covering 374 acres in Donelson. It’s one of the best attractions in Nashville for outdoor activities, with or without furry friends. You can visit the Two Rivers Golf Course or Wave Country, a wave-action swimming pool.

Two Rivers Dog Park Details

  • Address: 3150 McGavock Pike, Nashville, TN, 37214
  • Phone: 615-862-8400
  • Amenities: Benches, doggie water fountains, double-gated entrance, gazebo, pavilions, trash cans, waste bag stations
  • Dog park hours: 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. every day

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Gulch Dog Park | Best Downtown Dog Park

The opening to Gulch Dog Park

Gulch Dog Park is a top downtown dog park, as it caters to both small and large dogs. The park opened in 2019 and is the first public dog park in The Gulch. The park contains two fenced in sections. One fenced in area is for large dogs and covers roughly 3,500 square feet. Another area is reserved for small dogs and covers 1,500 square feet.

The free Nashville dog park offers off leash fun in an open space. Your dog can run around, play with other dogs, and lounge on top of rocks. If you own multiple dogs, you can move between the separate areas and keep an eye on all your pets.

Gulch Dog Park is a great place for people interested in the visual arts. You can view six different The Gulch murals from local artists, perfect for photographs. The pet park serves as a community hub with food trucks and a gathering area for parties and live music performances. The community hub makes Gulch Dog Park one of the best dog parks in Nashville TN for people interested in other activities.

Gulch Dog Park Details

  • Address: 1216 Pine Street, Nashville, TN, 37203
  • Phone: N/A
  • Amenities: Food trucks, separate small dog area, visual art, well-maintained landscapes, wide open spaces
  • Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day

Centennial Dog Park | Best Amenities in Nashville Dog Parks

The field at Centennial Dog Park

Centennial Dog Park is well known for having the best amenities amongst Nashville dog parks. It has separate areas for small and large dogs. Each area contains water fountains, dog waste stations with trash cans, and sloping landscapes. Your dog can explore different landscapes, with some areas containing grass and others containing wood chips. The local park offers free tennis balls you can use to play catch with your dog.

Centennial Dog Park is an off-leash park for all breeds except pit bulls and pit mixes. Centennial Dog Park is located inside Centennial Park, which is a dog-friendly park. You and your doggie can enjoy walking trails through wooded areas. Centennial Park is home to the Dog Day Festival, which takes place every September. Your dog can play in obstacle courses, compete in a costume contest, and walk in a parade through Centennial Park.

Centennial Dog Park Details

  • Address: 2500 West End Ave, Nashville, TN, 37203
  • Phone: 615-862-8400
  • Amenities: Free tennis balls, grass and wood chip terrains, run areas with grass and wood chips, waste stations, water stations
  • Hours: Dawn to dusk every day

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Edwin Warner Dog Park | Beautiful Scenery at an Off-Leash Nashville Dog Park

A family and their dog at Warner Dog Park

The Nashville Metro Parks Association manages Edwin Warner Dog Park. The park is well maintained, with clean spaces for your pup or dog to play in. The Warner Dog Park is an off-leash park for all dog breeds, and it contains a flat and open landscape. You can play catch with your dog or allow your pup to play with other pets. The compact park is completely fenced in, so you can always keep an eye on your dog.

Edwin Warner does not have separate areas for large and small dogs. You should keep an eye on your park dog and be careful if your pet gets too close to larger ones. You can bring as many dogs as you want to Edwin Warner, making it one of the best dog parks in Nashville for dog owners with several pets.

Edwin Warner Park has the best scenery among dog parks in Nashville. You can view wooded areas to the northwest that produce beautiful colors in the fall and spring. You can also see Little Harpeth River and other geographic features to the south and west. The shaded benches at Warner Dog Park allow you to rest and take photographs of the natural environment around you.

Edwin Warner Dog Park Details

Shelby Dog Park | Well-Maintained and Shaded East Nashville Dog Park

Sunset over water at Shelby Dog Park

Shelby Dog Park is in East Nashville. Some people find it hard to get to the park, so put the address into your GPS and watch for the park. Shelby Dog Park is open to dogs of all breeds, though it does not have separate areas for large and small dogs. The park contains one fenced in area and is off-leash for all breeds, including pit bulls.

The doggy park contains ample shade and spacious benches where you can sit down and put a bag beside you. Some of these benches are in the center of the park, so you can sit down close to other dogs. It’s a top place for playing catch, with flat and spacious fields.

Shelby Dog Park is inside Shelby Park, which covers 361 acres. After your dog plays in the dog park, you can put it on a leash and go for walks there. Shelby Park contains hiking trails you can visit even after the dog park closes. Shelby Park offers scenic river views, picnic shelters, and playgrounds for kids.

Shelby Dog Park Details

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Pitts Dog Park | Unique Features in a Secure and Scenic Dog Park

Pitts Dog Park contains two acres of space for you and your dogs. The doggy park contains unique features you can’t find amongst other Nashville dog parks. You can walk your dog on a half-mile nature trail in a wooded area. Your dog can chase squirrels and explore bushes and brambles, or it can relax in a tranquil space. Pitts Park is off-leash, but the owners require you to have a leash on hand at all times.

The open space at Pitts Dog Park contains a mixed dirt-and-grass space. Your dogs can run around, play catch, or interact with others. Wooden fencing around the perimeter keeps your dog from running away. The fences at Pitts Park are reinforced with mesh to keep your dog from slipping underneath them.

Pitts Dog Park Details

  • Address: 299 Tusculum Road, Nashville, TN, 37013
  • Phone: N/A
  • Amenities: Double-gated entrance, doggie water fountain, shaded benches, walking trail, waste bag stations with trash cans
  • Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day

Miss Peggy’s Bark Park | Best Dog Park in Suburban Nashville TN

Miss Peggy’s Bark Park (formerly known as Barkwood Dog Park) is in Brentwood, TN, just outside of Nashville. The Bark Park is perfect for small and large dogs, containing separate areas for them. The large dog area covers 1.5 acres and is best for dogs weighing over 25 pounds. The small dog area covers .65 acres and is suitable for all small breeds. Both areas contain shaded benches, doggie water fountains, hydrants, and waste stations. The waste stations contain free dog bags you can use to pick up your dog’s waste.

The Bark Park is well-manicured, with small and large trees that provide shade. You can rent agility training equipment and exercise with your dog. You can play catch, but the park prohibits running with your dog. Children over the age of eight are welcome at The Bark Park, though you must accompany any child between 8 and 15.

Miss Peggy’s Bark Park Details

  • Address: Tower Park, Brentwood, TN, 37027
  • Phone: 615-371-0080
  • Amenities: Hydrants, separate small dog area, shaded benches, waste stations, water fountains
  • Hours: 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. every day

Nashville Dog Parks Map

You can view the best dog parks in Nashville using this handy map.

Nashville dog parks have so much to offer! Parks like Two Rivers Dog Park contain wide open spaces perfect for catch and other games with your dog. You can also take your pet to quaint and peaceful areas like Pitts Dog Park.

But before you start taking your dog to great dog parks in Nashville, you should figure out moving to Nashville. 6th Man Movers has top Nashville movers who perform over 2,500 moves a year. Call 615-434-8272 for a free estimate today.


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