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Nashville Public Transportation [2023] ๐ŸšŒ Guide to Public Transportation in Nashville & How to Get Around

Nashville Public Transportation [2024] ๐ŸšŒ | Guide to Public Transportation in Nashville & How to Get Around

Last Updated on: 7th August 2023, 05:18 am

More than 500,000 people use Nashville buses every month, with more than 17,000 using them every day. Nashville public transportation is reliable and affordable, yet it can be a little tricky for new residents to grasp. Before you start moving to Nashville, you should understand the best way to get around Nashville. Here is your essential guide to public transportation in Nashville Tennessee.

Nashville Bus | Nashville MTA

The Nashville bus system is the main Nashville public transport system. The Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority (also known as Nashville MTA and WeGo) runs 26 Nashville MTA bus routes.

All buses have free Wi-Fi access and plug-ins for phones. You can use free parking at a few dozen locations near routes throughout Nashville.

Bus routes

There are five categories of metro Nashville bus routes. Frequent routes are in red, and they run every 15 minutes or less. All frequent routes provide access to downtown Nashville with stops at WeGo Central, the systemโ€™s downtown transit station.

Local routes are in purple, and they run every 20 to 60 minutes. These routes connect downtown Nashville to far-reaching areas of the city, including the airport.

Connector routes are in gray, and they bypass the downtown district. They run through north and south Nashville. Express routes are in blue and provide commuter bus service to outlying counties. WeGo also runs two train shuttles, in dark blue, providing access to Nashvilleโ€™s commuter rail system.

Nashville bus fare system

QuickTicket is WeGoโ€™s fare system for all vehicles and routes. It allows you to pay your fare using your smartphone or a reusable card. You can also buy one-time tickets and reload your reusable cards online. WeGo recommends that you can start your account to make payments easier. You can also buy a Nashville bus pass at the bus station.

For one adult looking to pay for local services, the pricing system is:

  • Two-hour pass: $2.00
  • All-day pass: $4.00
  • Seven-day pass: $20.00
  • 20-ride pass: $40.00
  • 31-day pass: $65.00

The pricing system for young people 19 years of age and younger is:

  • Ages 4 and younger: no charge
  • Local and express services: $1.00
  • All-day pass: $2.00
  • Seven-day pass: $10.00
  • 31-day pass: $33.00

The pricing system for seniors 65 years and older is:

  • Two-hour pass: $1.00
  • All-day pass: $2.00
  • 20-ride pass: $20.00
  • 31-day pass: $33.00

You can buy two different passes for regional bus service: a one-ride pass for $4.25 and a 20-ride pass for $73.50. People with disabilities and Medicare card holders can apply for discounts after filling out an application at WeGo Central. You must have a Discount ID in order to get discounts.

WeGo Ride is an employer-sponsored program. Your employer can buy monthly and annual public transportation Nashville passes with no limits on card use. The program costs $25 per employee per year, including a pay-per-swipe rate that charges your employer for every ride.

Additional services

WeGo runs a few additional Nashville public transit services. WeGo Link lets you catch Ubers to bus stops at discounted prices. The service is available for only a few routes, and you must use your Uber to access a bus stop. Most trips cost $2, but prices may increase during high-demand moments. WeGo Link is suitable during bad weather or if you have an injury that makes it hard to walk.ย 

The Guaranteed Ride Home system provides free emergency rides for any commuter in Middle Tennessee. You can use the service when you or a family member is sick, you must work late, or you cannot use your regular driver. You cannot use the service for periods of bad weather. You must sign up with the system in advance to use it.

Nashville MTA contact information

  • Address: 430 Myatt Drive, Nashville, TN 37115
  • Phone number: 615-862-5950

Nashville Train | WeGo

Unlike many American cities, Nashville does not have a light rail system. Residents rejected a referendum in 2018 that would have provided funding for a Nashville light rail network. There are also no Amtrak Nashville stops.

Music City Star (also known as the WeGo Star) is a commuter rail line that runs between Nashville and Lebanon, Tennessee. There is only one line on the system, but Tennessee plans on adding additional Nashville suburbs to the system.

Music City Star Route

Music City Starโ€™s route has five stops between Nashville and Lebanon. The Nashville train station is the Riverfront station located at 108 1st Avenue South in the downtown district. The train next goes to Donelson and Hermitage, two more train stations in Nashville. Stops in Mount Juliet and Martha are next before the train stops at Hamilton Springs in northwest Lebanon. The final stop is the Lebanon station in downtown Lebanon.


Fares depend on where you are starting your service from:

Origination Station One-ride pass 10-ride pass Monthly
Donelson $2.00 $17.75 $67.25
Hermitage $4.50 $40.00 $150.25
Mount Juliet $4.75 $43.00 $158.50
Martha $5.00 $45.25 $168.00
Hamilton Springs $5.00 $45.25 $168.00
Lebanon $5.25 $47.25 $176.50

You can also buy tickets on board, though they cost $5.25 regardless of where you are traveling to. One-ride reduced fare tickets cost $1.00 for access to and from Donelson and $2.00 for all other stops. Reduced fare is for seniors and the disabled.

Operation schedule

WeGo Star operates on weekdays but not weekends. Trains do not run on major federal holidays, including New Yearโ€™s Day and Christmas.

Trains start from Lebanon at 5:40 a.m., 6:35 a.m., 3:20 p.m., and 3:55 p.m. Routes start from the Mount Juliet stop at 7:45 a.m. and 5:05 p.m. Trains start from Nashville at 6:53 a.m., 7:45 a.m., 8:25 a.m., 4:20 p.m., 5:10 p.m., and 5:55 p.m.

Getting to the train

You can use WeGoโ€™s two train shuttles to get to the Riverfront station. The Star Downtown Shuttle runs between 7th & Harrison, just north of Tennessee State Capitol and the station. The Star West End Shuttle runs between the station and several locations in downtown Nashville.

All stations except Riverfront have free parking lots. You may bring your bicycle onto the train and store it in the wheelchair section of the car, though you need to bring tie-down cords.

Contact information

  • Address: 430 Myatt Drive, Nashville, TN 37115
  • Phone number: 615-862-5950

Other Options for Getting Around Nashville

Most residents use the bus or train to get around the city. But you have a few other options for Nashville Tennessee public transportation, especially if you need to get from Nashville Airport to Broadway or downtown.

Ridesharing and taxis

  • Uber Nashville is available to all residents. You can reserve a ride up to 30 days in advance and select any vehicle you want, including zero-emission cars. You can also order rides from Nashville Airport to downtown.
  • Lyft Nashville also provides ride-sharing services
  • VanStar is a ridesharing company that provides vans to Middle Tennessee residents. You share rides with people who live and work in the same area as you. VanStar provides special services to state and federal employees, making it an excellent service for government commuters.

Several companies provide taxi Nashville services to Nashville residents and visitors. You can hail a Nashville taxi down in the downtown area or near the airport. If you want to access other parts of the city, you will need to call a company in advance or use an app.

Driving in Nashville

Walk Score gives Nashville a walk score of 29, meaning that they consider Nashville a car-dependent city. According to Inrix, a traffic data company, Nashville is the 24th-most congested city in America. Many drivers report problems in and around downtown Nashville, though other areas of the city are easier to drive. You can use a number of highways to drive to Nashville Tennessee, and get out of the city.

Walking in Nashville

Nashville is not well-known for being a walkable city. But downtown Nashville is compact and safe, so you can walk around the area. The downtown district is extremely popular with tourists, especially in the summer and holiday season. Try walking around during the fall, when the temperature is milder, and the crowds are thinner.ย 

Several of the best Nashville neighborhoods are also known as walkable areas. Edgefield is a neighborhood in East Nashville with great access to green areas, parks, and walking trails. 12 South is a shopping area with boutiques and restaurants close to Belmont University. Germantown is Nashvilleโ€™s hip and modern neighborhood, containing a mixture of condos, restaurants, shops, and townhomes.

Nashville Airport Shuttle

Shuttles run between Nashville International Airport and various locations in the city. Most hotels near the airport have shuttle services to bring guests to and from the hotel. You can also order a shuttle through a ride-sharing service or private company.

Shuttles and buses stop at the Ground Transportation Center on Level 1 of the Main Terminal. You can use a diagram to see where your shuttle will pick you up.


Is there a shuttle from Nashville Airport to downtown?

Yes, you can take several different shuttles from the airport to downtown.

Does Nashville have public transportation?

Yes, Nashville has a public bus system, a commuter rail system, and ride-sharing companies.

Does Nashville have a subway system?

Nashville does not have a light rail or high-speed rail system, but it does have commuter rail trains that run to Lebanon, Tennessee.

How much does public transportation cost in Nashville TN?

Nashville public transportation is extremely affordable, with most people paying less than $5 per ticket.

The Essentials of Public Transportation in Nashville

Let the Music City move you! Nashville has great train routes, commuter rail access, highways, and walkable neighborhoods. You can keep your transportation budget low by applying for discounts and purchasing monthly passes.

When youโ€™re ready to start living in Nashville, hire a team of courteous and professional Nashville movers. 6th Man Movers performs more than 2,500 moves every year. Get a free moving estimate at 615-434-8272.


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