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Causes We Support

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Linda’s Hope


Linda’s Hope is a local (Nashville), grassroots non-profit, raising awareness, compassion, hope, and research funding for pancreatic cancer.
Hope comes in many forms. It could be that a patient is not alone during chemotherapy treatments, or that a volunteer caregiver can provide a listening ear. Those involved with Linda’s Hope want to help carry the burden of this disease by providing a service of community assistance and awareness.

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Safe Haven Family Shelter


Safe Haven is an organization that helps move families experiencing homelessness into permanent homes. We partnered with them in 2016 and helped move 11 families move into permanent homes! We hope to continue to help many more families in 2017. Aaron Palmer is the Housing Director at Safe Haven Family Shelter. 

Qu: Hey, Aaron! Tell us about what you do at Safe Haven Family Shelter:

I coordinate and facilitate moves of families experiencing homelessness from shelter into permanent housing.

Qu: What concerns did you have partnering with 6th Man Movers?

My fear was coordination and not being to coordinate these moves in a timely and orderly fashion. Thus far, every move has exceeded expectations and replaced fears with confidence that every move will be of quality.

Qu: What has been your favorite part of partnering with 6th Man?

 My favorite part has been exemplary customer service and accommodation to each family’s needs.

Qu: What would you say to someone interested in our services?

 They will get the job done well and in a timely fashion.

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Nashville CARES


Nashville Cares is a non-profit organization that fights to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Middle Tennessee. They aim to achieve their mission by education, advocacy, and support of those at risk or living with HIV. 6th Man Movers provided the labor of the set up, break down, and preparation of their Nashville AIDs and 5k run in 2016. We helped coordinate this partnership with Topher McCune of Nashville Cares.

Qu: Topher, what concerns did you have when setting up a partnership with 6th Man Movers?

We actually had no fears. Everything was communicated and handled so well by 6th Man Movers from the beginning that there were no fears going into this event!

Qu: What was your favorite part about partnering with 6th Man?

Efficiency and communication. 6th Man Movers were great to work with, communicated everything in a timely manner, and handled all of our items with care and were super fast!

Qu: What would you say to someone interested in our services?

I would say if you need a mover, look no further than 6th Man Movers!

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JD Events and Festivals


JD Events and Festivals is a creative group whose expertise encompasses developing, managing and leveraging all facets of special events. Especially the marketing, promotion, production, strategic planning and sponsorship sales. They are involved in events that bring people together, inspire them, and stimulate their minds. We partnered with Jack Davis, the head of JD Events and Festival in 2016 providing set up, break down, and event preparation for the Tomato Art Festival, Sevier Park Festival, and Nashville PRIDE festival!

Qu: What was your experience partnering with 6th Man Movers?

We had a great experience working with 6th Man Movers.

Qu: What was the best part about partnering with 6th Man?

It helps my staff focus on other details of our events rather than moving items from our storage units to the event sites.

Qu: Would you recommend our services to friends, family, or other organizations?

I have done that and I recommend he use 6th Man Movers because of the support they provide to the local community and the staff has always been helpful and ensures customers are happy.

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Musician’s Corner


Musicians Corner, a program of The Conservancy for the Parthenon and Centennial Park, supports emerging artists, and provides inclusive arts enrichment and educational programming for adults and youth. Musicians Corner presents free music events in Nashville’s downtown Centennial Park in partnership with the City of Nashville and local music industry. 6th Man Movers partnered with Musicians Corner in 2015 & 2016 by providing set up, break down, and event preparation. Justin Branam is the Program Director of Musicians Corner. 

Qu: Justin, tell us about Musicians Corner.

I am the Program Director at Musicians Corner, the free concert series in Nashville’s downtown Centennial Park.  We present 16+ free music events, showcasing more than 100 emerging and legendary artists.

Qu: What concerns did you have going into a partnership with 6th Man Movers?

There are many moving pieces that must come together each week in a short time in order to present Musicians Corner.  We rely heavily on the support of 6th Man Movers to move supplies including tents, tables, and more – and we are at their mercy.  We were slightly nervous the first week, but quickly realized that we were in good hands.  The 6th Man Movers crew arrived on time, they were quick and hard working, and were fun and friendly.  Two years later, we’re still working with 6th Man Movers, and can’t imagine doing it without them.  We’ve come to know their staff and look forward to seeing them each week.

Qu: What was the best part about working with 6th Man Movers?

6th Man Movers doesn’t just get the job done.  They get it done while having fun.  Their staff are professional and personable, which goes a long way.

Qu: What would you say to someone interested in our services?

If you’re moving, you have to use 6th Man Movers.  They play an active role in helping support community events in the city and their staff are professional, fun, and hard working.

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Screenshot 2017-01-25 at 3.32.05 PM

Youth Empowerment through Arts and Humanities, Inc. (YEAH!) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable youth arts organization in Nashville, Tennessee. Their mission is to provide a safe learning environment for teens that will empower them not only in the arts but in life skills, self-expression, volunteerism, and community service. YEAH! creates programming that values collaboration over competition and seeks to give youth the tools they need to create the world that they want to live in.

Our flagship summer camps are the Southern Girls Rock Camp and the Tennessee Teens Rock Camp held in both Nashville and Murfreesboro. At Rock Block, our eight-week program in both Nashville and Murfreesboro, students learn to play music through the collaborative experience of playing in their own rock band.

6th Man partnered with YEAH! in 2016 to assist in loading in and out the gear for their summer camps! We are excited to continue to work with them.


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We have movers and moving trucks…Let’s move some stuff! We offer all of the services you would expect from a moving company, and many more!

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