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[highlight align=”center” style=”different”]  “A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop his skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.” – Larry Bird [/highlight]

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[pricing-header price=”160” currency=”lbs.” frequency=”2016 Fundraising Goal”][/pricing-header]
We will donate every bit of the food yielded from our organic garden located at our office directly to our crew’s families and the tent city located just a few blocks from our office.
[pricing-row] This is a little project we started back in the Spring. We might even try to enter one of these pumpkins into the Tennessee State Fair! [/pricing-row]
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[pricing-header currency=”” price=”6,000” frequency=”Full Service – Residential and Commercial”] # of Moves Completed [/pricing-header]
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[pricing-row] We want to help out 200 more families this year! Each year our young company is getting bigger and better. Like any service, consistency will forever be a reflection of how much work you take on, and we have found our rhythm. [/pricing-row]
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[pricing-header currency=”” price=”16” frequency=”# of teams needed for our 1st Annual 3 on 3 Tournament”] Hoops for Hope ’16 [/pricing-header]
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[pricing-row]This is a coed tournament, it will take place on a Saturday in November which is TBA. Entry is $300 per team. Cash prize for the winning company. All proceeds will go to a Local Charity whom needs it the most. [/pricing-row]
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Track our Progress

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Our company’s culture is everything. We want to engage with our customers any chance we can, so hosting a few events and teaming up with a good cause is always time well spent.

At 6th Man, it’s all about relationships and experiences; so come on, enjoy a few.


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Why help us reach our goals?

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  • We are fighting the good fight.
  • Job creation is a real thing.
  • All money raised stays local.
  • You might just have fun.
  • We care about your people.