Long Distance Moving Solutions




6th Man Movers is licensed to move anywhere in the country! Unlike long distance moving chains (van lines), 6th Man is locally owned and operated right here in Nashville. This means you won’t be dealing with brokers, multiple companies, different movers at each location, and other hassles. 6th Man completes long distance moves from start to finish.

Instead of throwing your valued items into a logistical whirlpool of multiple companies, multiple movers, and other people’s stuff, save yourself the headache and let 6th Man movers complete the whole move for you!

  • Consistent Crew Leader: The same Crew Leader who loaded your truck will unload it. This means no confusion at the new place! 6th Man travels with your belongings the whole time. The Crew Leader will already understand the logistics of the move and your expectations when they arrive at your new home.
  • Timely Delivery: Most companies give you a couple of days window of arrival. We will provide you with a hard date of delivery. Also, we will deliver directly from your old home to your new home, unless other arrangements have been made – and we do have a Warehouse for those circumstances. No additional pick-ups or deliveries, we move only your items. You will even be able to reach your Driver on their cell phone!
  • Personalized Care: The larger long distance moving chains load multiple households onto each long distance move. If you are moving from Nashville to Los Angeles, your truck may also have the belongings of someone moving to Dallas on it. 6th Man only moves your items on YOUR move!
  • Quick and Easy Estimation Process: We will be able to get you an estimated cost over the phone on the very 1st call. And then, after a mandatory survey we are able to familiarize ourselves with the specifics of your move – and will provide a GUARANTEED FLAT RATE.

We understand that a long distance move is often quite the production. You are undoubtedly dealing with banks, brokers, employers, family, realtors, and so many other things that contribute to the planning of your move. And it can be expensive.

For those reasons, we educate our customers on long distance alternatives. We offer labor only services for loading or unloading your rental truck or shipping container. These include: