The Coaching Staff

The 6th Man staff is a polite, young group of individuals who can ensure a pleasurable moving experience!

We know moving is one of life’s biggest stressors, and our staff is equipped with the knowledge and skills to accommodate even the toughest of jobs. We understand that you are already dealing with banks, realtors, leasing agents, tight time schedules, security deposits, and [enter 1 of 1,000 other things here]. We speak with people everyday who are overwhelmed by these factors, and it is our aim to not only provide a valuable moving solution but also help you to overcome any other obstacles involved in your transition.

Jacob Greer

Founder | Operating Partner | Office DJ

Eric Concklin

Account Manager | Cheese Connoisseur

Phil Faragalli

Account Manager | Hockey Hero

Jessi Gable

Billing Representative | Move Coordinator | Math Magician