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There is no end to stress when it comes to coordinating and executing a big relocation, and that is doubly true when the move covers a long distance. Believe us when we say that we’ve all been there!

However, don’t let that stress get to you! When it comes to state to state or cross-country moves, the best course of action is no doubt hiring a full-service company to handle all the hard parts for you.

6th Man Movers services Nashville, all of Davidson County and the entire Nashville Metropolitan area.

What Is A Nashville Long-Distance Move?

What might be described as “long distance” is always going to be different, depending on who’s talking. For some, fifty miles might be a long distance, while for others, five hundred miles might be short.

In the moving industry, we need to be precise. Therefore, we define a long distance move as any move that covers a distance of 100 miles or more. Furthermore, there’s differentiation between intra-state, meaning moving within the same state, interstate, meaning moving from state to state, and international moves.

Why do people move in and out of the Nashville or Davidson County area? The reasons are just as numerous as the people moving! Many people choose to undertake long distance moves like this to establish their own household after moving away from parents, or other family reasons. Maybe you want more affordable housing, less taxes, or need to move to jump on the opportunity for a new job. It might even be something as simple as a change in climate or scenery.

No matter what reason you have for undertaking a long distance relocation, it doesn’t have to be as stressful as you think!

How To Move Across The Country with 6th Man Movers

We’d all like to do everything ourselves, but in the case of something like an interstate or cross country move, it’s just too much for one person to handle without tearing all their hair out! The best way to handle a long distance move, hands down, is paying for the services of a full service relocation company. So, how does it work, and what do they do?

A full-service out of state moving company provides a multitude of handy and necessary benefits for any move of this kind. The most obvious is simply having more hands and eyes on deck – something that’ll be a great boon in any kind of situation! Not to mention that everyone there will be trained professionals, likely much better suited to handle an event like this than yourself.

Simply put, there’s just no comparison to the utility and stress-relieving capacity of a proper moving crew handling your transition for you. No amount of penny-pinching is worth the grey hairs you’ll inevitably gain by trying to pull something like this off by your lonesome. Don’t torture yourself – call a full-service team today!

Here’s a list of other services the best long distance moving company will offer you:

How Much Do Nashville Long-Distance Movers Cost?

According to Thumbtack, the national average long distance move costs $4,300, but that can also range from anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000, depending on the circumstance. Prices for moves, no matter how short or long, are always going to be different, depending on a number of factors.

An example of a few factors that might alter the final cost of your move:

Some of these factors are outside of your control, and others are not. You might be anxious about not being able to nail down an exact cost for your move, and we understand – you should try an online move cost calculator, like the United Van Lines’ Virtual Survey, or similar services on the aforementioned Thumbtack. However, by far the more accurate but involved option is to contact the company you plan to use themselves. Most companies will offer you a quote either over the phone or on their website. This is by far the most accurate estimate you’ll get on your final bill! Simply call us at 6th Man and we will be able to provide you an accurate estimate for your move.

Choosing the Best Nashville Long-Distance Movers

Harsh undertakings like long distance moves are not the places to be settling for second best, believe us! In-depth research and meticulous background checking are absolutely necessities to make sure you have the best experience possible.

If you need the best, affordable full-service out-of-state mover in the Nashville area, then don’t worry, you need not look any farther than 6th Man Movers! We’ve got the licensing, insurance, training, and equipment to make your move a breeze! Don’t just take our word for it – we’ve got the Google and Yelp reviews to prove it!

If you need an interstate or cross-country move done in the Nashville, Tennessee area, there’s nobody better suited for the job than 6th Man Movers! Our crew is trained and certified to handle every possible situation that could arise during your transition.

Moves can be scary, it’s true. But with 6th Man Movers at the wheel, you don’t need to worry about anything! Call us today at 615-434-8272 or fill out the form on our webpage for a free moving quote. We’re the best state to state moving company in the Nashville Metropolitan Area and Davidson County!

We offer an immense suite of services that we guarantee will make your relocation that much easier:

Consistent and professional move coordinators

Dedicated, well-serviced trucks

Short-term storage

Climate-controlled, constantly monitored warehouses

Full packing service, with delivery of all necessary materials

Relocation of offices, warehouses, schools, and retail

Labor-only services

Special services for safes, gun safes, and pianos

Senior moving services

White Glove furniture handling