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Hiring Nashville Moving Helpers & Moving Labor

Are you going to be moving soon? Do you need a team of Nashville moving helpers to make this happen? Then you need 6th Man Movers! Our professional movers are skilled, careful, thorough, and trustworthy, and for years we’ve been helping Nashville residents move in a seamless and hassle-free way.

Whether you need expert packing services, moving help by the hour, furniture moving helpers, moving labor, senior moving services, or storage assistance in Davidson County, we’ll be there for you. We service Nashville, all of Davidson County (area) and the Nashville Metropolitan Area.

We’re sought-after throughout the Nashville metropolitan area for our Nashvill uhaul movers and helpers, and no matter where you are—we’ll help you move! In fact, we’ll show you that moving can actually be enjoyable and stress-free when you hire best-in-class moving assistance!

Why Use Moving Helpers

  • Superior Convenience: With expert movers on your team, your move will be executed quickly, efficiently, and safely.
  • Affordability: When compared to moving on your own, hiring Nashville moving help is much more cost-effective. We provide a minimum of 2 movers and 2 hours time per job.
  • More Control: You can control every part of the process; there’s no being left in the dark when we’re on board.
  • Flexibility: Should your plans change, we can store your belongings at our secure storage facility until it’s time for the move to commence.
  • Safety: Everyone on our team is vetted, trained, and committed to delivering expert service each and every time.
  • Valuables Aren’t at Risk: Since our moving helpers only use time-tested packing and moving techniques, we’ll keep your valuables safe through every stage of the process.
  • Time-Saving: Moving on your own can take forever—sometimes even multiple days. Not with us! We’ll make sure your move is completed in one day.
  • DIY Moving Is Tough: No one wants to be lugging heavy furniture all day. Our Nashville uhaul movers take the weight off your shoulders and make sure moving isn’t strenuous for you.

What Do Professional Moving Helpers Do?

  • Packing & Unpacking: Packing up your belongings can be physically demanding and emotionally difficult. The same goes for unpacking. Why not take the hassle out of packing and unpacking and let us do both for you?
  • We Supply Boxes, Tape & Other Moving Essentials: You won’t have to spend a cent on moving boxes, tape, or other moving essentials when you hire us. We’ll bring everything that’s needed to ensure you get top-notch moving assistance.
  • Assembling/Disassembling Furniture: Taking furniture apart and then reassembling it later is time-consuming and often complicated. Not when we’re working with you. No matter what furniture you have, we’ll disassemble and reassemble as you see fit.
  • Moving Truck & Storage Unit Loading: Using expert packing techniques, we’ll ensure your possessions are secure and safe when we load them. You won’t have to worry about valuables getting smashed or mishandled when we’re in charge of loading.
  • Moving Truck & Storage Unit Unloading: When we arrive at the spot you’re moving to, we’ll unload all your possessions in a safe yet efficient manner. We’ll also set everything up exactly how you want.
  • Ensure Best-In-Class Customer Service: The moving business is built on customer service. Therefore, our moving helpers will ensure you feel like a top priority when you hire us, and we’ll do everything in our power to accommodate all your requests.

Why Hiring Moving Help in Nashville Is a Good Idea

Want to know more about the specific situations that professional Nashville moving helpers are brought in to help with? We cover the main ones below.

Storage Container Loading & Unloading

A storage container can be a huge help when you’re moving. Even if you’ve never used one of these before, you’re probably familiar with them.

You can rent one when you have to move and store a whole home’s worth of furniture inside. And when you’re not using it, your container will be locked and under 24/7 surveillance. Plus, it’ll be easy for a moving truck to pull up and load from or unload into the storage container.

Are you going to be using a storage container when you move? For Nashville help moving everything from the container onto a truck, we’re here for it. And if you need to unload a truck into a storage container, we can help with this as well.

Some popular storage solutions are: Pods, Pack Rat, Reloc Cubes, SmartBox, & U-Pack Containers.

Help Loading Moving Truck

Are you going to be renting a U-Haul to move? No matter how much you’re hauling, our Nashville movers can load and unload your truck in an efficient and safe manner. This is arguably the most important part of the moving process, and we’ll handle it with the utmost care.

Freight Trailer Moving

Is your move going to require a freight trailer? No problem. Our experts know how to pack freight trailers, and they’ll make sure everything is secure before those big wheels get rolling. They can also unload a trailer quickly. You could rent a freight trailer from ABF U-Pack or Old Dominion Household Services.

Self-Storage Move-In & Move-Out

Have all your possessions in a self-storage facility at the moment? We can help you pack them in a truck—you won’t have to lift a finger. And should you need us to unload a truck at a Nashville self-storage facility, or our 24-hour monitored storage facility, we can handle this as well.

Expert Packing

Expert movers like the ones we employ know all there is to know about packing, and you can trust that we’ll pack your items up quickly yet safely. Whether you want everything in your house packed up or just items from a few rooms, we can accommodate.

How Much Do Nashville Moving Helpers Charge?

Need to hire best-in-class moving helpers in Nashville? Wondering how much they charge? Several factors collectively determine how much moving labor is, including:

If you’re planning to pay moving help by the hour, we encourage you to reach out to us to get a quote.

Hire 6th Man Moving For Nashville Moving Help

Of course you want to hire the best Nashville help moving team, but how can you find them?

Here’s how:

  • Read Nashville local movers reviews on Yelp & Google.
  • Check to see which companies have been in business for a long time.

When you find a good company:

  • Verify licensing and insurance.
  • Look up their claims rates (less than two percent is ideal), the number of moves they perform annually.
  • Make sure employees are vetted.
  • Ask about the equipment and supplies they use.

You’re so close to enjoying a successful move. If you’re moving in our service areas Nashville, all of Davidson County (area) and the Nashville Metropolitan Area, just reach out to us to get a quote. No matter where you are in the Nashville metropolitan area, 6th Man Moving will come to you and provide a range of useful moving services. Get in touch with our team at 615-434-8272 to get started.

Tips & Resources for Nashville DIY Moving

Need more resources to make your move a success? These are sure to be helpful: