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Senior Relocation Services in Nashville with 6th Man Movers

Before getting started on your relocation journey, there are many details to get under control. If you’re an older adult, this can become very overwhelming very fast. It is common that seniors at or above the age of retirement don’t always have family nearby to help plan, prep, and carry out the tiresome work of moving. While being elderly is usually according to someone’s age, this doesn’t mean that one age is the same for everyone.

For example, one retired senior might move to a 55+ community to join social events and play sports, while another senior may seek a nursing home or assisted living facility. Whatever the reason for relocating, the wisest approach is to work with the most reliable Nashville senior moving company, and that’s what 6th Man Movers is here for.

Why are Seniors Using Nashville Senior Moving Companies?

Entrusting the wrong company can ruin the whole journey. This is why it is crucial to choose a company that is experienced with giving Nashville moving help to senior citizens. Companies must understand the differences between moving a young adult and an older adult. Older adults may have special requests and needs that need to be met during the relocation. The majority of seniors take on a move because they are downsizing into facilities or smaller homes. From the packing of belongings to the discarding of unwanted items, the process from start to finish is long and arduous.

A few common reasons seniors relocate include living closer to family and friends, getting assistance in a treatment facility or nursing home, and living in a retirement or 55+ community to be around other senior adults. Other reasons include wanting an increased quality of life and senior sector employment. Regardless of the reason, 6th Man Movers is the best Nashville senior moving company to get seniors where they want to live.

Considerations for Using Nashville Senior Movers

Senior moving help in Nashville is in high demand. Older adults often experience high levels of stress and anxiety when changing locations due to a lack of proper help from family that is too far away. Organizing possessions is difficult because many items either need to be removed and decluttered or kept for safekeeping. Hiring the best Nashville senior moving company is the wisest solution because, unlike a DIY move, you won’t have to worry about the heavy lifting.

Relocation can be uncomfortable for seniors because it often causes a change in the quality of life that they’ve been accustomed to. For instance, many who have health issues dread transitioning into a facility or nursing home. They are already stressed out about the big change in their life. To prevent the transition from adding to that stress, it is easiest for you or your loved one to entrust top-rated Nashville senior moving services.

Top Reasons to Hire a Nashville Area Senior Relocation Company

It’s no secret that any relocation requires a ton of time and effort. Due to older age, elders need extra help when moving. A huge reason why people hire a Nashville senior moving company is so they can relax and focus their time on other matters. Our company further provides packing services if needed. In fact, we can help with the wrapping, packing, organizing, transporting, and unpacking, thanks to our company being a full-service relocation company in Nashville, Tennessee. If our client needs us to disassemble and assemble large furniture, we can do that too! For the items they can’t dispose of but don’t have room for, we offer secure and monitored storage as well.

Many older individuals choose to work with a Nashville senior move manager – a person certified by the National Association of Senior Move Managers. They help to declutter the elder’s homes by utilizing their trained skills in planning and organization. They also help seniors decide what they should take with them to their new home and what should go into storage. While senior move managers take care of the mental work of the relocation, it’s our job to handle all the physical work. Our crew knows how to collaborate well with these individuals by carrying out their professional plans. With the aid of move managers and a reliable relocation team, the overall moving experience can be much more positive for senior citizens.

Choosing the Best Nashville Senior Mover

Many companies provide Nashville senior moving services, but that doesn’t mean they are fit for the job. So, how do you know which ones are worth trusting with your belongings? First of all, you want to make sure that the company is understanding and empathetic– that they know how to handle delicate relocations and don’t treat you like just another paycheck. At 6th Man Movers, we understand the importance of treating our clients with the utmost respect and care. To help you decide on a senior mover in the Nashville area, follow the steps below.

  • Contact their customer services to ensure all of your special needs and requests can be met.
  • Make sure the company has proper insurance and licensing (we are up to date!). This will lessen the likelihood of scams and bankruptcy in case something doesn’t go as planned. Avoid companies requesting exceedingly large upfront deposits.
  • Take a look at the company’s track record– How long have they been in business? What is their claims rate? How many Nashville movers for seniors do they do each year? (We perform over 2,500 moves each year).
  • Browse their Google reviews; what do past clients have to say about their services? (We hold nearly 5-star reviews!).
  • Ensure the company has professional experience performing moves for seniors. (Like us!)

6th Man Movers is proud to be the best senior mover, servicing the Nashville Metropolitan Area and all of Davidson County. Our trusted crew offers remarkable customer care, tailored services, and affordable pricing. With over 2,500 successful moves each year, 6th Man Movers is fully licensed, BBB accredited, and maintains a 4.9 star rating on Google. Our trusted company is A-rated and has over a decade of professional experience. Our dedicated team of 30 experts is fully background checked, and we provide quality services for Nashville, all of Davidson County, and the Nashville Metropolitan Area.

Cost of Hiring Nashville Senior Moving Company

Now that you understand all the benefits of relocation with the top Nashville senior movers, let’s dive into the costs. No two Nashville area moves are completely alike, and each comes with its own set of services. This means there are several varying factors that go into the final price. While some elderly adults don’t need much help from us due to hiring Nashville senior move management, many require our full-service options. As affordable senior movers in the Nashville Metropolitan Area, we offer free relocation estimates and accurate Nashville senior moving costs based on factors such as:

Are you contemplating downsizing or relocating but want an easy and stress-free moving experience? Trust one of the best Nashville area senior moving specialists by giving 6th Man Movers a call. You can also complete the “Get a Free Estimate” form for a free quote!