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Nashville Moving & Storage Services

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Nashville Moving and Storage

One of the biggest questions of any move is… Where do you keep all that stuff? Beyond the stress that the typical moving motions can cause, storing your precious possessions and deciding which to keep and which to get rid of can add a whole other level of headaches.

Nobody knows that better than the crew at 6th Man Moving! That’s why we offer fantastic storage options at incredibly affordable rates, to make your relocation process that much easier! Read on to see what sort of benefits our storage services can provide you.

We service Nashville, all of Davidson County, and the Nashville Metropolitan Area.

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Nashville Moving & Storage Company Storage Options

When it comes to Nashville moving and storage, you have plenty of options that’ll fit your situation just right!
Nashville Storage

Storage Details at Nashville’s Top Moving & Storage Company

So, you know everything you could possibly know about how storage works – but how do you choose the right company for full service storage in Nashville?

There are a number of things you should look out for when choosing the best storage company in the Nashville area. Firstly, you should check their Google and Yelp reviews – nothing is more valuable in determining whether a crew is right for you than testimony by those with first-hand experience! You should also be sure to check other statistics relevant to trust, such as amount of years in business, claims rate, and so on. Be sure to verify their licenses and insurance, general level of experience, and quality of customer service too!

As you’re here right now, you’ll likely not be surprised to hear that 6th Man Movers has all of the above, and then some! Our reviews on Google and Yelp are excellent, and our team has over a decade of experience with storage and moves of all kinds! When it comes to storage solutions, nobody can solve your problems quite like us!

You may be wondering what kind of facilities 6th Man Movers has to keep your items – after all, great customer service isn’t worth much if your items are easily stolen or damaged. Well, have no fear about potential damage or theft at our warehouses! Our storage facility totals 25,000 square feet, perfect for all your short-term or long-term storage needs! The facility is also monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and has climate control as well, with support for both vaulted and palletized storage. With storage like this, all your needs will be met!

Top Reasons People Store at a Nashville Full Service Storage Company

We’re sure that most people visiting this page will have the precise reason they’re choosing Nashville storage in mind, but if you’re still undecided on whether or not you need to store items, see some of the most common reasons people choose to employ a full service storage company in Nashville below!

Obviously, one major advantage of storage services is being able to ease some of the stress of moving. Whether that’s downsizing, making your home more presentable for real estate business, delayed closing dates, or whatever else. But storage need not necessarily be linked directly to moving – for instance, many people rent storage units simply to declutter, store belongings of passed away loved ones, help clear things away for home renovations, and so on. 6th Man Movers offers short-term storage, that being storage that does not last for more than three months typically. The utility is endless!

But what can, and do, people store in units like these? The obvious are personal belongings – clothing, electronics, boxes, you name it. Furniture is pretty typical too, but less typical are things like pianos, art collections, wine collections, and other specialized items, all of which can be handled by 6th Man Movers! Additionally, if you’re a business owner, things like files, computers, FF&E, and other work-related items could also be stored.

If choosing to pack yourself, be sure to review things like storage restrictions, clean your items, disassemble large items, use clear containers, and do your due diligence to make sure nothing goes wrong.

If you read all this, we’re sure you’ll need something stored – don’t choose anything but the best Nashville moving and storage company, 6th Man Movers! Give us a call at 615-434-8272 or online, and fill out our online form for a free quote! We service all of Davidson County and the Nashville Metropolitan Area!