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Moving Coverage

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Protecting Your Belongings

6th Man Movers offers three types of coverage. Beyond the standard poundage valuation required by law of all moving companies, we also offer two upgraded options that allow you to set the value of your household items! We don’t want to overwhelm you or scare you with these options; we just want you to be well informed! If you have any questions about your coverage options, please do not hesitate to call 615.830.1313.

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Poundage Valuation

 (POUNDAGE VALUATION) – $.60/lb (sixty cents per pound) will be reimbursed for any damaged items. This option provides coverage based on an item’s weight. Sixty cents will be reimbursed per pound on any damaged item. This option is included in the transportation and there is no additional charge. Should your goods be involved in a catastrophe such as a fire, tornado, or accident of any other nature, the Carrier will assume liability not to exceed Twenty five hundred ($2500.00) dollars. Carrier shall have option of repairing and/or restoration to the original condition.


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Replacement Valuation (no deductible)

(REPLACEMENT VALUE) $______________ with no deductible at a charge of $11.30 per thousand ($1,000) of declared value. This would result in an additional charge of $__________________. For Option 2 you have the opportunity to declare how much your belongings are worth and how much insurance you would like. It will be set up just like you see emboldened here. For example, if you determine that your furniture is worth a combined $10,000, then there would be an additional charge of $113.00 (10 x 11.30 = 113.00) to be billed before the start of the move. This would then cover your items up to $10,000 in the event that anything is damaged. Please note that this charge is not refundable if no damage occurs. It is also important to note that the declared value must be an amount equal to or exceeding $5,000 per room excluding halls, attics, garage, closets, and baths. A self storage unit of 10 x 10 will constitute a room. Carrier does have the right to replace or repair the item at our discretion. This is our most comprehensive insurance option!


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Replacement Valuation (w/ deductible)

(REPLACEMENT VALUE) $______________ with a $300.00 deductible at a charge of $3.75 per thousand ($1,000) of declared value. This would result in an additional charge of $_________________. Option 3 also gives you the opportunity to declare the value of your belongings, but carries a deductible. To follow our previous example of $10,000 valuation, this option would have an additional, non-refundable charge of $37.50 (10 x 3.75 = 37.50) to be billed before the start of the move. In this case, if a claim were made there would then be a $300 deductible. After the deductible, your items would then be covered up to the pre-determined amount ($10,000 in our example). This is a great option if you are on a budget, but would still like your belongings covered more extensively. With a lower rate, it offers lower up front cost and commitment!